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Nielsen Unveils Cookieless Approach for Audience and Outcomes Measurement in The U.S.

\nNielsen announced its approach to eliminate its reliance on digital identifiers and ensure that advertisers and publishers can continue to measure confidently in a dynamic, privacy-first media environment. With its new approach to measuring authenticated and unauthenticated web traffic, Nielsen will become the leading platform to validate first-party server data with real consumer behavior.\n\n“Nielsen’s new cookieless measurement approach will further position the company to deliver deduplication across linear and digital as part of Nielsen ONE. Our new approach to measuring authenticated and unauthenticated digital traffic will enable us to scale across channels and platforms to ensure a comprehensive view of success and uncover areas for optimization,” said Mainak Mazumdar, Chief Data Officer at Nielsen.\n\nClick here to read the whole overview.\n\n\n\n

CTV Has Expanded the Commercial Opportunities in the TV Landscape

\nTraditional, linear programming is passing the baton to digital. That shift obviously includes consumption, but that’s just one aspect of a larger evolution. More broadly, the dramatic rise in connected TV (CTV) adoption, accelerated by the pandemic, has ushered in new commercial models that are fragmenting the landscape in much the same way that the myriad viewing options are.\n\nMonetization opportunities are no longer limited to the buying and selling of ads within a scheduled, linear program. However, linear television still remains the best way to reach a mass audience, and global ad spending on traditional TV has rebounded stronger than other media spending has.\n\nClick here to read the whole overview.\n\n\n\n

Tailored Content Strategies Are Driving Viewership Growth Among Streaming Platforms

\nIn an era of big data, personalization is critical for marketers looking to develop authentic and meaningful relationships with consumers. The same is true for content platforms, and that’s a trend we’re seeing among some of the newer video streaming entrants.\n\nWe know that streaming platforms are steadily evolving their user experiences to help connect audiences with content, but as competition rises, platforms will be more likely to target specific audiences—through marketing, content and ads—rather than hope for the best by trying to appeal to everyone. Amid the sea of growing choice, content becomes a key differentiator, especially when publishers identify needs that are not being met.\n\n

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