Nielsen News: Media planning, consumer trust and streaming overview of 2021

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Building trust with consumers and engaging where sentiment is high

Brand advertisers have a lot to consider as they plan their strategies and navigate the increasing fragmentation of platforms and channels that consumers are engaging with. One facet of marketing that modern technology can’t help with is consumer trust. In addition to having to think about challenges like brand growth and ad avoidance, marketers need to increasingly focus on building trust with consumers. This is where brands, especially those in North America and Europe, have some work to do, according to Nielsen’s 2021 Trust in Advertising Study.

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In uncertain times, continuous planning should be the new norm

It’s important for marketers to recognize that the customary approach to media planning will be less relevant and effective both during the ongoing pandemic and in a post-pandemic world. And therein lies the challenge; break the habit of only engaging in planning once or twice a year, and quickly adopt a new, always-on approach.

Nielsen recently identified three pillars of effective media planning that marketers should focus on in order to thrive in an uncertain future—focusing on the people they’re trying to reach, connected planning and continuous planning. While each of the three pillars work deliberately together, enabling continuous planning into a brand’s strategy may give it the quickest bang for its buck—and help brands get back on track after months of ongoing disruption.

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Streaming grew its audience in 2021; Drama, reality and kids’ programming lead the content wars

Streaming services capitalized throughout the year on consumers’ growing appetite for over-the-top video content. In total, Americans streamed almost 15 million years’ worth of content in 2021. Across platforms, mystery, drama, reality and children’s programming were largely in the driver’s seat in 2021’s tops of streaming lists.

2021 was also the year of breakthrough for international streaming content. Amid the competition for audiences, our 2021 streaming unwrapped data shows that original content has more appeal among older audiences while acquired content has higher appeal among younger viewers.

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