Nielsen news: The Importance of Data Measurement & Reallocating Times for Marketers

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Toward The Future Of Digital Audience Measurement

\nIt’s important to not exclude the need for accurate measurement as changes in the digital media environment accelerate and marketers continue leaning into new tools and technologies to prepare for a world without third-party cookies. The changes the industry has been making in response to increasing privacy requirements have implications for all aspects of digital marketing.\n\nThe data and insights marketers will have to work with will look different from what they are accustomed to. Said differently, we’re not simply replacing old processes with new ones that fit neatly into the same mold. Instead of recognizing people and what devices they’re using, measurement services now need to establish new ways to identify devices and the people who use them, in a manner consistent with applicable privacy requirements.\n\nClick here to read the whole overview.\n\n\n\n

Ctv Advertising Guide: Powering Growth Through Change

\nWith consumers rapidly adapting to a new way of consuming content, the key to success is capitalizing on the unique opportunities that CTV offers and coupling this lucrative medium within your omnichannel media plan combined with linear TV and digital. However, the relative newness of ad buying for CTV, coupled with the nuanced nature of the CTV landscape, presents a unique hurdle for marketers with experience in other mediums. Internal knowledge gaps are one of the top three challenges marketers struggle with when it comes to CTV adoption, followed by organizational buy-in and measurement capabilities, as discussed in the recently published Nielsen Annual Marketing Report. The hesitance and uncertainty isn’t surprising, given the myriad of buying options and uncertainty about how to measure it within the context of other buys.\n\n

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For Marketers Today, Reallocation Times (And Tools) Are Critical

\nMarketers have always been tasked with adaptability, but the uncertainty and disruption over the past year as COVID-19 shifted many consumer habits left many marketers without a clear roadmap forward. And that can be costly. There are signs of a rebound across sectors, and consumers are growing increasingly optimistic about a recovery from the pandemic. But that doesn’t alleviate the need for marketers to stay focused on the effectiveness of their marketing spend.\n\nDuring this time of significant disruption, companies have been tasked with adjusting and reallocating their marketing mix spend to stay lean and efficient. And despite possible assumptions that being large inhibits agility, large brands report being able to adjust more successfully than smaller brands.\n\n

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