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Audience is everything™

television audience measurement

We are experts in electronic television audience measurement (peoplemeters). We have our own technologies, a complex system for data collection, maintenance and processing, first class technical background, and long experience. We have been measuring television audiences in Bulgaria since 2011 and in the Czech Republic since 2002. The global Nielsen group measures television audiences in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Advertising intelLigence

Advertising monitoring AdIntel

We have been bringing an integrated and structured overview of advertising, monitored across TV, radio and print media types. Thanks to the global Nielsen group, the advertising monitoring Ad Intel is currently available in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Research Insights

Online research and data collection

Thanks to our experience and extensive background we have been offering a high-quality online data collection using our own reliable panel (Bulgarian National Panel). We conscientiously maintain research standards. We understand research, enjoy it, and will be delighted to help you with it.

Smart Cloud solutions

Analytical software Adwind Kite

We are dedicated to the creation and support of software for processing data from the media research and monitoring of advertising.