Research Services

Our research scope

We conduct various online surveys with our own panel of respondents (Bulgarian national panel). We will be happy to suggest the right solution for your business.

Want to know your customers?

Market Research

We can help you understand your customers better and find out how they feel about your brand. We do surveys of customer behaviour, product/brand affinity and many more.


  • Brand awareness, brand perception
  • Comparison with the competition


  • Advertising diagnostics and evaluation using our own "NAD indexes"
  • Pre-tests, post-tests

Consumer habits

  • Research of shopping behaviour
  • Brand affinity

Customer experience

  • Relationship to product/brand
  • Customer mapping, price sensitivity tests

Looking to support your theories on social phenomena with data?

Sociological research

We will help you explore various social phenomena and trends. We will choose the right research method or prepare a combination of them. You will get data you can rely on.

What does your audience value the most?

Media audience research

We carry out surveys among media audiences which help identify their preferences and needs.

Television audience measurement (peoplemeters)

Surveys among media readers, viewers and listeners

  • Content evaluation, comparison with the competition

In need of a quick survey on a representative sample?

Omnibus surveys

We organize a monthly online multi-thematic survey on a representative sample of respondents where we can incorporate any of your questions.

  • Rapid-fire and budget-friendly collection of data
  • Ideal for simple current topics
  • Online population 15+, base: 500 respondents
  • Bulgaria, Czech/Slovak Republic

Do you need to organize a quick vote?

Quick polls

We arrange simple and quick polls in online form. If you are interested in people’s attitudes and don’t need the socio-demographic detail, polls are right for you.

Interested in the deeper potential of your data?


We will facilitate a more effective way to use your data.

Data segmentation

  • Dividing audiences into groups
  • Groups based on affinity in behaviour, habits etc.
  • Better knowledge of customers

Multi-dimensional scaling

  • Analysis in the form of a map
  • Graphic representation of characteristics’ affinity
  • Facilitates better comparison

SOCIO-EcONOMIC classification

ABCDE classification

Our own socio-economic classification diversifies Bulgarian households according to their socio-economic capital. It comes in the form of a continuous index or score and a categorical classification with 8 categories. Try it out with your next research project!

More about ABCDE classification

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